Engineering and production enterprise "ACDMUA"

Engineering and production - from idea to implementation.


For developers, manufacturers and operators of light aircraft and not only ...

We carry out work on the design, manufacture, restoration and repair of products made of composite materials (fiberglass and carbon fiber plastics based on epoxy resins) and technological equipment for their production. If necessary, our products are completed with structures, assemblies and parts made of other materials (metal, wood, etc.). We also carry out works on the design and manufacture of glasses and technological equipment for their production.




  • Light aircraft. Modules from aviation composites (design and manufacture).

  • Engineering in the field of light aviation and other industries.

  • Composite components for production aircraft (production, repair, installation).

  • Glasses for light aircraft (production and new ones).

  • Other products made of CM (blades and housings of wind generators, parts for tuning and enhancement of cars, sports and pleasure watercraft and their components, etc.)