Products from Composite Materials

    Products from Composite Materials and technological equipment for their manufacture.

    Below are the products manufactured on our own technological equipment.

    Products can be made from both glass fiber and carbon fiber.

    Delivery status varies according to customer's request: from the simplest set of tools and equipment without additional surface and edges’ treatment to a "turnkey" state with the product completely assembled, the outer surface treated and painted.


    Universal wheel fairings for light aircraft

    Brief description:

    The main material is fiberglass

    Available in two basic versions:

    • For wheel up to 350*100 mm

    • For wheel up to 400*150 mm

    • Fairing weight, depending on the version 0.65 to 0.95 kg

    Wheel fairings for the Cessna-172 aircraft

    The main material is fiberglass

    • Mass of the main fairing is 1.5±0.2 kg,

    • Nose cone weight is 1.1±0.1 kg,

    • Main fairing for wheel 6.00*6,

    • Nose cone for wheel 5.00*5

    Left, right, nose 


    Cowl panel for the Yak-52 aircraft

    Material - carbon fiber

    product set weight is 8.5±0.3 kg


    Additional fuel tank for the Yak-52 aircraft

    Material - fiberglass

    Reinforcement material - stainless steel and aluminum


    • Full volume is 100 to 102 liters.

    • Weight is 8±0.2 kg

    Installed in the cockpit instead of the rear seat


    Suspended tank for the R-44 Robinson helicopter

    Brief description:

    Material - fiberglass

    • Dimensions 1520*820*250...275mm

    • Full volume – 250 to 330 l

    • Weight with reinforcement material - 15 to 16 kg

    Designed for transportation of chemicals reagents in the overhead liquid dispersal system for aerial distribution of chemicals